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BEFSR11 Qos?

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Does the BEFSR11 support QoS protizing so I can set a certain IP/MAC to have higher pritory then any other device so I get clear VoIP use?

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Re: BEFSR11 Qos?

This router doesn't have QoS. The closest thing you can get to is with the BEFSR41 v4 which supports this feature.
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Re: BEFSR11 Qos?

Hey mate,


I am testing out the same router now, the BEFSR41 for its bandwidth management by the LAN port... so far so good when compared with the chip QoS by Netgear TA612V which has an on chip QoS rather which will priorities the travel by the header of the packet (i.e. 5 for critical).

I found this kind of LAN port management are easier for guarantee bandwidth as it (correct me if I am wrong) separate the bandwidth usage by the ports... the only thing I am not quite sure of is the amount for use under the QoS policy... which ask you to enter the upstream in kbps for use on the QoS policy...

now suppose if say you have a connection speed of 512/128 (typical speed in Aust), normally people will put 128 as their upstream which means the whole (provided 100% efficiency on the line) bandwidth for upstream is allocated to this QoS policy which means all ports assigned with priority will be subject to the use of this bandwidth...

so, on that basis, if one set only 64kbps (50%of the line speed) for QoS, anything that is not QoS will use the remaining 50%? or simply means there is a leeway for 50% of the bandwidth should any of the ports uses more than it should or something else.

again, I am only testing this router and also purchasing the SPA3102 to see how configurable this router is for VOIP application as we, in Australia, are still suffering from the slow and slow ever internet access.

then my only concern now is that BEFSR41 doesn't have the SPI firewall as the Netgear does and in terms of security, I do have reservation... so, will try other routers for testing... any recommendations from anyone??? thanks.

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Re: BEFSR11 Qos?

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Linksys BEFSX41 has QoS as well as SPI Firewall.  The downside is you can't fine tune it.  You can't manually enter values, only pre-defined values such as low, low medium, medium, etc.

Although it may be the same as the BEFSR11 since I've never seen it's QoS setup page...

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