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Re: BEFVP41 also crashes when accessing Amazon + possible fix

Upgrade the firmware to the latest build. You can also adjust the MTU from 1420 to 1450 depending on your ISP.

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Re: BEFSR81 crashes when accessing 8 port Linksys router crash solved. 


Like everyone else, I had the Linksys router with 8 port switch; everything fine for a long time and suddenly router starts crashing at  Amazon pages after home page would either not load, or load painfully very slowly.  I also noticed that on some sites, like Craigslist, or SFgate, remote images would not load.  No reason, and nothing explains it.  Did all the usual without success:  flashed new firmware, change MTU, disabled logging (this helped for a day, then back to the same problem).   


The way I had configured my network, I put the DNS addresses into the router setup, and then pointed each computer at the router for DNS addresses; in other words, for each computer, in TCIP/IP properties under DNS addresses, I had used the Gateway address ( which is the router address.  This had worked so well that I never considered it could be a problem.  But it was. 


What intrigued me was how you could actually see the router crash; looking at the status bar in the browser, you could see how the router would try to access some of the off site image pages for Amazon, and then just stop.  It sure looked like a DNS issue to me, but how could so many different people have the same DNS issue with, presumably different DNS servers.  The first thing I tried was changing my DNS address to Google’s public DNS servers addresses.  This did nothing at all.  


Next, I induced the problem (which was easy, just go to Amazon), then ran the following checks:    


Ping router IP:  Fine:  2ms, 100% return, no lost packets

Ping DNS server IP:  Fine:  4ms, 100% return, no lost packets

Ping Google’s IP address:  Fine:  7ms, 100% return, no lost packets

So far so good, but:

Ping “”:  100% loss; no return at all.    


Okay, that has to be a DNS issue and, since rebooting the router fixes it, it has to be a router DNS issue


Once I got that far, the fix, was easy.  I simply set each computer up to have its own DNS address.  In TCP/IP properties I changed the DNS address from the gateway to actual DNS addresses.  I used Google’s public DNS addresses which are and 


Problem solved. 


Immediately before I made this change, I restarted the browser and attempted to access from within the browser:  no go.  Without making any other changes, I reconfigured the DNS address in TCIP/IP properties and then immediately tried to access Google again – and it worked.  Problem solved and has not reappeared.   


The “why,” of course, remains a mystery.  I, and probably most of you, was perfectly willing to get a new router; the old Linksys had served for years and valiantly, time to retire it, nothing lasts forever.  But, as all of you also know, the Linksys is the only 8 port wired router that you can get for a halfway decent price.  The Linksys costs about $70 and similar 8 port routers cost three or more times as much and they have a bunch of features I don’t use anyway.   And then there’s the problem of  having to learn a new router’s setup protocols and set it up with all the port forwarding etc.   And none of those routers had 100% reviews on Newegg anyway.  So I was motivated to fix this one.  Still wonder what caused the problem, though. 


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Re: BEFSR81 crashes when accessing

I just today got an email from Amazon telling me to turn off the logging on my router.  I had already put in the google DNS servers in my computer's network settings but that by itself had not fixed the problem.  I am hopeful that turning off the logging on the router and the DNS changes will have fixed the problem.

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Re: BEFSR81 crashes when accessing


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Re: BEFSR81 crashes when accessing

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i have watched this topic for awhile and am wondering why Linksys hasn't replied.  i have a BEFSR81, ver 3.1, firmware 2.51.4

i have the same problem, while browsing my router locks up, i have to reboot both the pc, modem and router.

it happens on Win 7, XP OS, different computers, different browsers, ect.

tonight it happend.  i simple connected my modem to my lap top and i got right on with no problems.

so it is a specific Linksys issue.

what is the fix Linksys?


thanks,  typhoon


by turning off the logging do you mean on the Adminstration Tab and 'turn log off?'


thanks, typhoon

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Re: BEFSX41 also crashes when accessing

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I've used over 5 of these routers in total...  Different versions on all of them,  They all crash randomly.  


God forbid if you ever have to call linksys .. I had to wait over 6 hours total!!   Only to have the wrong router shipped with the wrong shipping method!! 


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Re: BEFSX41 also crashes when accessing

This is not really a problem with Amazon, I feel that no web site should have the ability to crash my router. So IMO, this is a Linksys problem. That said, it really sucks that Amazon does not tweak their site to account for poorly designed router firmware.


I personally do NOT like the idea of turning off my logging in order to go to a site. I like to see what is happening on my network, I've got multiple PC's being used by multiple kids.


So it appears the ways to prevent from crashing my router is:


  1. Turn off logging on the router. This turns of logging for all sites and computers so I don't like this, but some may not mind.
  2. Add "" to your restricted sites in your browser (each browser). This will disable the crazy scripts that are recursively pinging back to Amazon and causing the router to crash. Unfortuanely, this also makes browsing the site a bit cumbersome since much of the site relies on scripting to display things (i.e. image galleries, suggestions, etc...)
  3. Add the following to your C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts file:
    this will tell your computer to look to your own machine instead of amazon for any request to that domain, therefore preventing the tremendous looping traffic through your router that causes it to crash.

I've tried all three and they seem to work, but I've settled on the last item to keep my logging.


Hope Linksys fixes this.

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Re: BEFSX41 also crashes when accessing

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I too have had the same problems.  I contacted Linksys on 2 seperate occassions.  


I've been using Linksys products well over 10 years.  I do think it's about time Linksys needs to do a better job at fixing the problems and communicating with it customers.


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