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BEFVP41 Slow Download

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I havwe a BEFVP41 version 1  router - inside download speed test with test is about 500bps, with outside the router, the download speed test is 9000bps.
Anyone have any suggestions on getting the speed up?  Anyone have similar issues?
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Re: BEFVP41 Slow Download

ensure that the router has the latest firmware....if even that doesn't make any difference ... i guess the router has gone bad ..
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Re: BEFVP41 Slow Download

I had the exact same thing happen - reset the router, reflashed the firmware, set to factory defaults, still had slow throughput - had to trash the router, and replace it with a new one.  That router served me well for about 4 years though, so I can't complain.
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Re: BEFVP41 Slow Download

I have the same problem with a BEFSR41 that is maybe 5 years old.  I just got Comcast 20Mbps and my download is limited to 5 Mbps when attached to the router but full speed when attached directly to the cable modem.


I read that buying a new router will fix the problem.  My question is, did you buy a newer version of the same model router, or did you switch brands or models?  I want to buy the same brand and model router to minimize changes to my home network.