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Bandwidth Management not working on RV082



I have an RV082 that I am trying to limit the bandwidth on, it seems to work for upstream no problem, I am limiting to 256kbit and it works. But when I try to limit the downstream to 1024kbit, it still downloads at my full rate of 7.5mbit.... I've updated the firmware, but it still didn't help...


Any ideas?

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Re: Bandwidth Management not working on RV082

If you have updated the firmware of the router and still has the same problem, there might be something wrong with the router. The only parameter I can see to set it up is in the System Management Dual WAN section. I suggest contacting Cisco Tech support to further look into your concern. I believe this unit belongs to the business series devices that Cisco is now supporting. Try to go to this link for the other business series devices and the site where you can get hold of Cisco for support: