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CISCO VPN Client with RV042

To access work we are forced to use the CISCO VPN Client SW.  I would like to use the same SW to access my home RV042 when I am on the road.  The QuickVPN does not like to co-exist with the CISCO VPN Client.  Please point me to the instructions on how to setup the RV042 to be accessed from a CISCO VPN Client SW.
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Re: CISCO VPN Client with RV042

if someone was able to make that work, please let us know.  i'm looking into this also.
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Re: CISCO VPN Client with RV042

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I am not aware of any web site which describes how to do it. I suppose you have to test it yourself. Set up the client to connect to the router and check the logs set to the most verbose level. Check where it fails and try to tweak the settings on the router to fit. The difficult part is probably to find matching settings for the ipsec negotiation. Unfortunately I have sold my RV042 thus I cannot test it myself...

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