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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)

I also could not see my local network computers through the RSV4000 router. 

  1. I could ping my static ISP IP address from a remote network.
  2. I set all the computers within my local network with static IP addresses. This allowed for mapping and eventual access through VPN.
  3. I could ping all local network IP addresses (all computers, ISP IP address, Router address, etc.) from within the local network. 
  4. After changing my router address range to something other than; I could consistently and successfully connect to my local network through QuickVPN from a remote network.  I had to reset all the static IP addresses within my local network to correspond with the new base DHCP address I selected above.
  5. Could not ping my local network IP addresses from a remote network when connected through QuickVPN.
  6. After spending a month with Linksys and a call to Geek Squad I read your post and was able to see the share folders on my local network share folders through the remote VPN connection (QuickVPN).  The fix appears, to me, to be a little hokie but it worked.

On the portable computer (the one used for remote VPN access) I did the following:

  1. Booted the portable computer on my local network.
  2. Mapped a network drive (My Network Places -> Tools-> Map Network Drive) to the local share folder I wanted to access through VPN with the following parameters
    1. Folder = (//Static IP Address of Computer on Local Network/Share folder name).
    2. Selected text “different user name”
    3. Entered a Hokie user name and Hokie password and pressed OK.
    4. Pressed finished to complete the mapping.
    5. Verified the mapped drive and then shut the computer down.
  3. Went to my favorite coffee shop and confirmed that the fix worked:
    1. Booted up the computer and established a network connection.
    2. Disable Norton Firewall and turned on Windows firewall.
    3. Connect to my local network through QuickVPN.
    4. Selected the mapped drive from Windows Explorer and everything worked well.


Note: I was greatly disappointed in the slow access speed but the connection was wireless at about 11mps and I suspect that Norton Antivirus may also be slowing things down.  I will report more if I have any other significant breakthroughs. 

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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)

are you using the 1.0.9 firmwara and quick vpn 1.1?
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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)

Finally! After 3 resets I was able to get the quick vpn utility version 1.1 to connect to the router. I was also able to browse thru the shares on the network. I had to uninstall and reinstall the QVPN utility and generate a new certificate from the router.
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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)

It doesn't matter what your wireless speed was,
1. U are sharing band with with everyone at your location.
2. If this is a Home Internet connection u are not guaranteed a speed.
3. the max average speed 756Kbs thats Kilo bits not Bytes a sec sucks for file transfers. if u are expecting at home spees u will be disapointed.
4. If the location u were at is DSL regular 1.2Mbs X 756Kbs the max download rate to your laptop would be 756Kbs a sec minus ovehead and all the other people using your connection, and figure in 20% loss of packets for being wireless to compound the DL form your home computer. Thats makes your max speed 601Kbs under ideal conditions with no one but u and the 1 computer at home direclty connected to the Linksys RSV4000 and U being wireless and the only person on the connectionin the coffee shop.
We are running these on dedicated T1 and higher connections and consistantly get the max thruput hardware connection to hardware connection no wireless. with 3DES and MD5 encryption, these routers work very well as hardware routers and have a dedicated CPU for the VPN tunnel's very hard to beat in this price range.
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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)

how did you connnect your vpn router with T1 for data share among different network segments or among different locations?
Did you use Cisco router or just linksys vpn router and dedicated T1 lines?
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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)

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Don't worry. This problem is due to name resolution problem. By default, workgroup name resolution not working via tunnel. You must configure Dns server, Wins server, or host file entry. If u connect two lans(workgroup environment) via tunnel, It is pinging by default. But folders shares are not accesible. You must configure host file entry on both side lans. go to windows - system32 - drivers - etc ----> host file. open with notepad. Here assign the remote private ip addresses , give a space, then type the pc name u want to connect
(ie)   john   peter
Same entry configured in opposite lan side all pcs.
(ie)    alan    rohan
Now u share the folders on both sides and try to access via remote. Its working. I have done it sucessfully.
Otherwise we must configure domain controller with dns server.

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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)

Have you turned off the "use simple file sharing"? (windows explorer\tools\folder options\view\scroll to the very last check box)

This is the default setting for Windows and it stops others from connecting to your PC but it allows you to connect to other PC's that have it turned off. 

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Re: Can't access shares over working IPSec VPN Tunnel (RVS4000)


“These products are being handled by the Cisco Small Business Support Community. (URL:”



The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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