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Frank Wireless
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Connecting a wired home office to a wireless router?

I'm totally open to purchasing all new networking hardware for my home.
My goals are:
#1. security
#2. reliability - I don't want to have to spend any time on unstable connections.  Meaning, when I turn on my networking equipment, after it is configured, I want it to always work unless there is a hardware failure.
#3. I don't need anything faster than 54 megabits per second.  Anything beyond that is a bonus.  The minimum speed I'll consider is 10 megabits per second.
For my home, I have one home office that has four machines that I want on the same wired router.
I have a second office in my home that has the DSL connection and a few other computers.
In the past, I've connected the two offices using two HPRO200s, but Linksys has not upgraded the firmware for the HPRO200 since 2001, and now there are one too many web sites that don't work with it, and so it is time to replace it.
I don't want to use a wired network over my power lines.
And so I'm thinking about having a wireless router in the office with the DSL connection, and then connect my second office to the DSL office using a wireless router in client mode (or a bridge).
Given the above, does anyone have any recommendation for a combination of Linksys and Cisco products that can best meet my requirements?
I've been in computers for over two decades, and so I can configure anything that is configurable :smileywink:   Once I have it configured, I want something that will just work without any problems for years.  I need some peace of mind right now.  My existing network hardware has been costing me way too much time and money.
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Re: Connecting a wired home office to a wireless router?

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All things considered I would suggest that you run an ethernet cable (Cat 5e or Cat 6)  from one of your offices to the other.  Then you can install a wired network.  Wired networks have the best reliability and security.   Your network would be fairly simple to install and operate:
Modem - wired router ------ switch
               office 1                  office 2
For a router, you can use just about any wired router you like, such as:  RVS4000, BEFSR41, BEFSX41, or  RVL200
For the switch, use a Linksys SD208 or SD2008
Note:  if you decide to go with a gigabit network, be sure to use Cat 6 cable to connect the offices.
If you try to connect the offices wirelessly, you should be aware of a few things:  Even though wireless g "connects at 54 Mbps", the maximum data throughput is about 25 Mbps, and the typical data throughput is about 10-12 Mbps.  If your offices are more than 50 feet apart (or, depending on how your house is built), you might not even get 10 Mbps.  The other problem with wireless is that, to some extent, you are at the mercy of your neighbors.  If you neighbor installs a big antenna, so he can broadcast his network to his brother's house down the street, his signal could overcome yours, causing trouble with your network.  If another neighbor decides to use the same channel that has been working well for you, your system might be effected.   I'm not saying that you cannot use wireless, but you must be prepared for more problems with wireless, especially if you have lots of nearby neighbors with wireless networks.
If you want to use wireless, your setup would be:
Modem - wireless router   )))))   WET200
                office 1                         office 2
For the wireless router, I would recommend a WRT54GL, or alternatively a WRT100.   The WET200 has 5 wired ports on it.  If you need more, add an SD208 switch.
Hope this helps.

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Re: Connecting a wired home office to a wireless router?

I have a Wireles G access point  with which I have a good wireless setup.  However, my computer screen advises me that I am not secure with my Linksys arrangement.  What do you suggest to create a secure connection.  I have no problem with

purchasing new equipment if my  Wireless G is outdated.

Thank you.