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Hard Reset - Linksys BEFSR41v3

Is there anyway to hard reset the router itself? When I try to access the setup menu through, I am unable to get through the PW screening at all. I know the base password is 'admin' but after three attempts of enterting it I get the lack of authorization screen. I was really hoping I could just hard reset the whole thing, and then fix it from there, but I'm unable to find a way to do so. If anyone could give me a hand, it would be much appreciated, thanks alot.
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Re: Hard Reset - Linksys BEFSR41v3

Hi Aumzie..
just follow this..

Hold in the Reset button at the back of the router (while the router is plug) for 30 seconds . Unplug the power to the router and then plug it back in. Everything will be in default settings.. password will be admin and leave the name blank..