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Have to reset wireless adapter constantly

I have a WRT54G2 and had it installed for several months with success.  Then three days ago my DSL went out (found out the next day it was this region) but to check it I was told to disconnect my third-party router.  Now the DSL works but I have to reset the network adapter constantly to get the internet (and this is without the router reconnected).  When I did hook up the router again, it worked only for a few hours and then my wireless network went down (meaning no internet again).  But that time the modem for the DSL service was lit up correctly.  I have a three year old Dell desktop but need wireless for a rather new HP laptop.  Is there any simple way to get my router back up and running the internet on both computers anymore?  Any help would be appreciated!  
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Re: Have to reset wireless adapter constantly

As you have mentioned in your post that when your computer is connected directly to the Modem,after some time you need to reset the network adapter in order to go Online? May be in this case you need to check your Modem, i think it might be the problem with your Modem that's the reason you need to reset the Network adapter on your computer.


Once the Modem starts working fine, then first thing which you need to do is, reset your Router and re-configure all the settings on your Router from scratch.