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Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

Hi there. I know there's already a post with this title and it reads as follows:

Port forwarding - NR041Options  Options Spleet
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For the last 4 years I have been using a Linksys NR041 router and the entire time I have never taken the time to forward ports for a game I wish to host on. So, after so many years of troubles, I've come here to solve this problem once and for all. I'll start with the basics. The game is Worms Armageddon. In order for me to host, it requires you to forward ports 80, 6667, and 17010-17012. I have tried before at to get info on forwarding my ports, but my router version is not in their list. Please, if possible, give a very descriptive solution on how to forward ports on the NR041. It would be greatly appreciated.10-02-200601:35       

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Open IE and go to and you will get a login screen.Type "admin" as the password and get to the set up page of the router.Go to " Advanced Setup" tab and then click on " Forwarding ", subtab under " Forwarding ".Then click on " "Port Triggering" on this page.Then under "Trigger Port Range" and " Incoming Port Range" enter the required port no.,say for example port 80 .


But the problem is, I followed these instructions and it didn't work. Can someone suggest anything else I can do?


Using: Cable Modem @ 762kbs

Router: Linksys NR041


Main Computer that the router is connected to

2nd Computer connected through router

3rd Computer connected through router


The router itself works fine and all three computers connect through the router just fine to the internet. I'm writing this from one of them, actually. I just need to get this computer to be able to work with shoutcast for me. When I try to broadcast with shoutcast, I get this error: gave error (nak) gave extended error (Cannot see your station/computer (IP#) from the Internet, disable Internet Sharing/NAT/firewall/ISP cache (connection timed out.).)

My router is the only thing it could be. (The Shoutcast website even says that this is caused by either my router or firewall) And since I'm not running any firewall or anything of the sort and I've -never- been able to allow people to connect to me since we set up the router... that's all it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!


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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

when port forwarding you need to make sure you have a static IP address for the PC you are wanting to port forward to. my guess is the IP address is addisned by your router yes? if so this depends on what IP it gets first. can you confirm the PC you are using has a fixed IP address and not dynamically assigned by the router?
Regards Simon

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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

Yes, I believe the IP is given by the router. It's something like or something like that and the other is the same but like
I won't be able to actually look at exactly what the numbers are until in the morning, but for now, that's what I know.
I'll update this when I'm able to check. (The main computer, where I would need to do the checking is currently in use.)
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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

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Okay yeah here's the info listed.
DHCP Active IP Table
                  DHCP Server IP Address:

Client Hostname        IP Address            MAC Address
2nd Comp               00-12-17-5c-1d-90
3rd Comp                00-e0-4c-f9-3b-4a
Main Comp              00-40-2b-22-3b-98

The 2nd Comp is the one that I need to open the ports for.

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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

..... any help would be nice... please?
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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

O.K. First of all: your second computer stills runs on a dynamic IP address through DHCP. It would be easier for you if it was on a static IP address instead. Dynamic IP address can change over the time. However, port forwardings in the router can only be made to a fixed IP address. Therefore dynamic IP addresses mean you have to modify the port forwarding each time the IP address changes.

Thus: I would suggest to reconfigure the second computer that is supposd to run the server for a static IP address. I would suggest you open a command prompt window and type "ipconfig /all". Write down the netmask, gateway and dns servers for your LAN network connection (the ip address should be from the list in your post). The netmask is usually, gateway is usually DNS servers vary, sometimes, sometimes it is the servers of your ISP.

Reconfigure a static IP address for this computer using the same data except for the IP address which should be in the range of and 150-254. Let's just take for instance. With a static IP address the computer will always use the same IP address which is ideal for port forwarding.

Figure out the port that has to be forwarded for your shoutcast service. If you need tcp port 80 (http) for instance then configure port forwarding for port 80 to your LAN address If you need more ports configure all of them to the same LAN address.

That should do it. You server should be reachable under your WAN ip address assigned by your ISP and the ports forwarded in the forwarding setup. To find out the WAN ip address check the Status page of the router.

As the WAN IP address can also change over time (which you have to accept like this unless you pay your ISP $$ to assign you a fixed WAN IP address) you have to keep track where your router sits in the internet. If your router has the capability of using a dynamic DNS service you should use that. With a dynamic DNS service like you can get a host name like If you set up the router to use this service then it will update this host name each time your WAN ip address change. Therefore you are always able to find your server under the name of
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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

having the same problem here, i want to host servers but cant when connected through router, how can i redirect to my real ip so it hosts correctly?i understand that the dynamic ip changes every so often and that doesnt matter because i dont run the server frequently either, just need to know how to do it. Smiley Happy
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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

Everyone has offered good direction, but that is still not helping the forward work.
I am also having the same issue and I can assure that I have a static IP on my server behind the router and have played with the UPnP, Range, and Port Triggering and nothing seems to work. I have turned off DHCP completely trying to make sure there were no conflicts.
Can somebody offer a bit of insight when all the correct steps do not work?
I am trying to use PC Anywhere ports 5631 & 5632 to reach my server, with no luck.
I am sure it is something simple, but I program routers all the time and never have problems, but this one just is not getting it for me.
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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

ok i was wonting to know how to open all the ports on NR041 so confusing
and weard
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Re: Help!? Port Forwarding - NR041

Sorry to butt in, same problems, but how do I access router from Ubuntu (Linux)?