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How to Setup RV042 with PPTP (The Intended way)

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Well after working with RV042 and having Linksys Remote in to the router and royally mess it up and not get it working I decided to fix it on my own and figured out a few tricks.

Now if your going to use PPTP with Server 2003, Please make sure you know how to setup RRAS with Custom VPN ACCESS only.

*Step 1* Flash Router to Latest Firmware 1.39
*Step2* Reset to Factory Defaults (Trust me it works) *Go in Set your PPTP Passthrough to Enabled if it isnt already
*Step3* Go to PortForwarding and the PPTP Service is there, Enabled it and point it to the server and save
*Step4* This is where you want to setup your LAN Settings, (SAVE and login with new LAN IP if needed
*Step5* Set up your WAN Connection and any other changes you may have to do.

I know all of this is like "ummm duh" Well, this is the only way we could get the RV042 to work with PPTP. In lamens terms we had to basically start all over on our configuration with the Router.

This is what you do NOT DO
1) Do not setup GRE manually, its not going to work.
2) Do not allow anyone to remote managment this from Linksys because they will try to do it manually. Again this router does not work if you forward the ports manually, The PPTP Service is already configured in the Router so there is no need.
3)Do not enable the PPTP Server on the Router if you arent using it. Passthrough is different then PPTP SERVER
4)Do not allow Linksys to remote in and try triggering every port needed. You do not need to do any triggering here folks, regardless of what they said.

So with all that said, we started fresh, removed the outsourced support from the spectrum and simply installed it as intended. Ive seen tons of posts saying "Why is my RV042 not working PPTP" so I thought I would help out. Hope this helps ya guys

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Re: How to Setup RV042 with PPTP (The Intended way)

Followed your steps exactly. No go. I have firmware 1.3.12-6tm installed.

Used to work with 1.3.5, but that version is gone. Wished that I hadn't upgraded.

I'm behind a Comcast commercial router, SMC 8014, with 5 static IPs available. I assigned the 1st one to the rv042.

The SMC is set for pure passthrough.

My server 2003 rasman.log shows GRE_BLOCKED every time someone tries to connect.  I can connect to the RAS server inside my network --am I bypassing the rv042 then? If not, it could be the SMC thats the problem. No one at Comcast can figure it out either. They have a call in to SMC for help.

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Re: How to Setup RV042 with PPTP (The Intended way)

Finally got it to work.

Comcast SMC 8014 modem with internal address of

RV042 set at, gateway of, all VPN passthrough enabled

SMC PPTP (TCP 1723) Port Forwarding set to

SMC GRE Port Forwarding to

RV042 PPTP Port Forwarding set to (Server 2003 RAS/PPTP server)

Even got my phone to VPN in, then RD to my server.  Need to try telnet next.