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How to setup a password?

how do i setup a password so when people "Search for wireless networks" and they see my connection ex. "REACTiON" it shows it as locked and password needed?
i use a WRT54G

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Re: How to setup a password?

To set up your wireless, at first, leave the router at its default settings, and then use your pc to connect wirelessly to the router.  Test your wireless Internet connection and make sure it is working correctly.  You must have a properly working wireless connection before setting up wireless security.
To set up wireless security, you must use a computer that is wired to the router.
Where to find the router settings: The router's login password is usually on one of the "Administration" pages.  The other settings are all found in the "Wireless" section of the router's setup pages, located at  
Give your router a unique SSID.  Don't use "linksys".
"SSID Broadcast" should be set to "enabled".
Retest the system, and make sure your wireless Internet connection still works.
To implement wireless security, you need to do one step at a time, then verify that you can still connect your wireless computer to the router.
Next, encrypt your wireless system using the highest level of encryption that all of your wireless devices will support.  Common encryption methods are:
WEP - poor  (see note below)
WPA  (sometimes called PSK) - good
WPA2  (sometimes called PSK2) - best
WPA and WPA2 sometimes come in versions of "personal" and "enterprise".   Most home users should use "personal".  Also, if you have a choice between AES and TKIP, and your wireless equipment is capable of both, choose AES.  With any encryption method, you will need to supply a key (sometimes called a "password" ).
The wireless devices (computers, printers, etc.) that you have will need to be set up with the SSID, encryption method, and key that matches what you entered in the router.
Retest your system and verify that your wireless Internet connection is still working correctly. 
For additional security, on many routers, you can limit wireless access to just the MAC addresses of the wireless devices that you own.  If possible, you should also use this feature.
And don't forget to give your router a new login password.
Picking Passwords: You should never use a dictionary word as a password.  If you use a dictionary word as a password, even WPA2 can be cracked in a few minutes. When you pick your login password and encryption key (or password or passphrase) you should use a random combination of capital letters, small letters, and numbers.  A login password, should be 12 characters or more.  WPA and WPA2 passwords should be at least 32 characters.
Most home users should have their routers set so that "remote management" of the router is disabled.  If you must have this option enabled, then your login password must be increased to a minumum of 24 random characters.
WEP is no longer recommended.  The FBI has demonstrated that WEP can be cracked in just a few minutes using software tools that are readily available over the Internet.  Even a long random character password will not protect you with WEP.  You should be using WPA or preferably WPA2 encryption.
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REACTiON wrote:
how do i setup a password so when people "Search for wireless networks" and they see my connection ex. "REACTiON" it shows it as locked and password needed?
i use a WRT54G