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I don't have my Linksys router 'user name' or 'password'

My home network was set up by a local guy eight years ago. He is no longer in town for questioning. My cable internet speed out of the cable modem is 7850 kbps, but the deskop computers coming out of the Linksys wired router get no more than 4400 kbps, even with only one computer turned on, using the router.

I would like to do a firmware upgrade, but the guy who set up my network never gave me the login user name and password for the Linksys router, therefore I have no access to the router at this point.

I think a firmware upgrade might speed things up. The cable company advertises a speed just about the same as I am measuring at the modem, so I believe the router is slowing things down significantly. Is dropoff in speed from a router to be expected, or should I be looking to do the firmware upgrade as I suspect?

How do I get access to my router if I don't have the user name and password? (I tried 'admin' as the password, but could not guess a user name that would allow me to log in.)

I have model BEFSR41 v2

Thanks for any help here.

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Re: I don't have my Linksys router 'user name' or 'password'

Push the reset button on the front of the router to set things back to factory defaults
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Re: I don't have my Linksys router 'user name' or 'password'

Thank you.

I presume the default password is 'admin' .. is this correct?

What would be the default user name?

Is this speed drop off of 7850 to 4400 from the router typical and expected, or indicative of router problems?

Do you think the firmware upgrade will solve this?

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Re: I don't have my Linksys router 'user name' or 'password'

Yes the default password is admin without username ....might be possiblt the fimrware should fix the issue ....