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Linksys Router questions

I have a couple questions I want you to ask me if possible. I have right now 3 different routers in my house. So the main router has some kind of a problem I guess because when I try to connect a device on wifi to the main router my Internet speed is horrible (around 8Mbps download speed and 4-5Mbps upload speed). However the other two routers have way more better speed (around 50Mbps both download and Upload speed). So Is it because the other 2 routers are connected to my main router which is Linksys WRT54GL ( they are connected through cable) and  that the Main Linksys WRT54GL router transfering internet speed is not enough ??? 


I contact my ISP and they told me that the internet that is coming from them is 50Mbps both d/s and u/s which is true when I try to plug my internet cable to my pc the internet runs fast. But when I try to plug it back to the main router there is a problem with my main router it is slow but the other 2 routers which connected through the main router are fast..


If I get a new for example :EA7300 linksys router will that help solve my problem or no ??


I need some suggestions and I will share if you need more info !!!