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MaximumSpeed on BEFVP41??

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Hi, I have a BEFVP41 ver 1 and the maximum download speed with my router connected I can get from my cable broadband is 3.2mbps if I disconnect out the router and go direct from my cable broadband modem to my pc I get 9.5mbps Is this correct? The firmware version for the router is 1.41.1, Sep 04 2003. Pc is running windows XP service pack 2.
On the spec sheet for the router it says:

Speed (Mbps): Internet:10  (Is this not the download speed??)

Local Network:10/100 (Half Duplex Mode)

20/200 (Full Duplex Mode)

I dont understand why 3.2 mbps is the max I can get. Do I need to change something in the settings? Any help advice greatly recieved. Many thanks.


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Re: MaximumSpeed on BEFVP41??

hi, the 10 Mbps on the WAN port is the throughput....however that should not slow down your internet speeds for any reason....if this is the issue u are facing , ensure that u have the latest firmware installed on the router....if u still face the same issue, i guess u have a defective unit.
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Re: MaximumSpeed on BEFVP41??

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I have a new BEFVP41, v2.1 with firmware version 1.02.00 and I have the same problem. I'm on Comcast and using any other router I get around 6mbs but with this router in place I get around 3mbs. Obviously something in the router is slowing the connection. Is there a setting somewhere to deal with this?

I need this router to establish VPN connections with several of my clients. Each client is on a T1 so this restriction doesn't impact them because they only have about 1.2mbs anyway.

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Re: MaximumSpeed on BEFVP41??

The BEFVP41 does indeed have a 10Base-T  Internet port.  However, testing of this router has shown a "WAN to LAN" speed of only about 5 Mbps. 
There are no settings on the router that will fix this.   You need to get a new router.
You can check out the "WAN to LAN" speeds of various routers at:
Hope this helps.