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My Router was Hacked

Yesterday afternoon while I was online my BEFSX41 Broadband Firewall Router was hacked, here is what was changed.

Remote download of firmware: enabled
Remote administration: enabled
Firewall Protection: Disabled
Block Anonymous Internet Requests: Disabled
Filter Multicast: Enabled
Filter Internet NAT Redirection: neither enabled or disabled
Filter IDENT(Port 113): Disabled

There may have been other changes as well.

I have a complex password not the default. Don't know how they got in.

I experienced problems connecting with websites. Disconnecting the power seemed to give me an 1/2 hour break then problems started again.

I discovered the router changes today.
I first tried to correct the changes resulting in a inability to connect to the web at all.
I put the changes back in and went to Linksys website where I downloaded firmware version 1.52.10 I was at 1.52.9 before.
I downloaded the firmware and reset to defaults.
When I get home from work I'll check to see if the router is OK.

I don't have confidence that 1.52.10 will fix the problem since the changes over 1.52.9 don't appear to be security related.

Looks like there is a problem which needs immediate attention and new firmware.

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Re: My Router was Hacked

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I agree. It sounds like you have some serious problems.  I would suggest the following:
Make sure that your router is not being attacked from your own computer(s), that is, make absolutely sure that your computer(s) is not infected.  To do this:
1)  Update your antivirus program, and software firewall.
2)  Update Windows XP, or whatever operating system you are using.   (Note: you should not be using Windows 98 or 98SE, since these are no longer being updated for security holes.)
3)  Update your antispyware program.
4)  If above programs do not check for root kits, get a program that does.
5)  Turn off your modem
6)  Reboot your computer.
7)  Scan computer(s) for virus.
8)  Scan computer(s) for spyware.
9)  Scan computer(s) for root kit.
10)  Put a new password on your router, at least 20 random alphanumeric, mixed capital and small letters.
Hope this helps.

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