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Problems with PLK300 (uk) Powerline AV Network Kit

I got my kit delivered on Saturday this is the UK version plugged one end into a belkin n1 vision router and tried the other end into my xbox360 and the connection was terrible. I removed them and placed them both in an adjacent double 13amp socket and no improvement. I tried a speedtest and max download was 1.8mbps. This is terrible for a product that reports anyone else having similar problems before i box it back up and sling it back to linksys.

kit consists of pls300 powerline av 4-port network adapter

and a ple300 powerline av network adapter

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Re: Problems with PLK300 (uk) Powerline AV Network Kit

Try to connect it to any of your computer's instead of your X-Box, if it reports the same problem get it replaced... Also connect your X-Box straight to your router(if possible) and check what speed you get, as it could be your router also and not PLK300...
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Re: Problems with PLK300 (uk) Powerline AV Network Kit

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Yes i have already tried that, I replaced the xbox360 with a laptop, thats where I managed to test the speed and it was very low. So you think it might be a faulty kit ?? Is there any utility to check to see the operation of the adapters ??
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