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QuickVPN from BEFVP41 to RV042

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my office network is running using a Linksys Router RV042 and at home i have a Linksys Router BEFVP41. i'm trying to setup a QuickVPN from home to my office but having problems. both routers have different LAN IPs. the firmware version for my two routers are listed below

RV042 - ver.
BEFVP41 - ver. 1.02.00

anyone please?

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Re: QuickVPN from BEFVP41 to RV042

goto the RV042 Routers setup pages, select VPN, then, VPN Client Access.

enter a username/password.

now install QuickVPN on your computer. then run it. enter the QuickVPN details (username password IP addres of RV042) etc. and connect.

tbh since both your routers are IPSec Tunnel compatable i would ditch VPN and use IPSec Tunnels between the two.
Regards Simon

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BEFVP41 v2.1 to RV042 Lan-to-Lan VPN

Q.)  Can/will a Linksys BEFVP41 (latest version 2.1) setup a full LAN-toLAN VPN connection to a Linksys RV042?


Problem:  HQ's just upgraded to a Comcast DOCSIS v3.0 cable modem.  10Mbit WAN port on the BEFVP41 couldn't keep up for more than an hour.  Faster speed of the new DOCSIS v3.0 cable modem was too fast for the BEFVP41 (v2.1)...WAN Interface just dies...the 'inside" interface 4-port LAN side continued to work even when the WAN port locked up!!!


Solution?  This is my question.  I can replace HQ's BEFVP41 with the much newer Linksys RV042 that has a 10/100Mbit Ethernet on the WAN Interface  ....BUT....   It must work (LAN-to-LAN) with the 4 other BEFVP41's working at other offices in the field....


Does anybody have that full LAN-toLAN connection working between a BEFVP41 & RV042????



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Re: BEFVP41 v2.1 to RV042 Lan-to-Lan VPN

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Hi. The Cisco Small Business Support Community may also be able to help you.


click this link,

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Re: QuickVPN from BEFVP41 to RV042

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can i upgrade VPN Tunnel from 50 to 100 on Linksys Router RV042?

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Re: QuickVPN from BEFVP41 to RV042

These products are being handled by the Cisco Small Business Support Community. (URL: