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RV042 Load Balance problem

I have a new RV042 working on load balance mode .
Network Service Detection does detect when any of the 2 wan connection goes down and write in system log

SUSPEND : Remove ixp1 due to fail on Network Service Detection .


but line status is still up , when i check the log i found that packets still going through ixp1
TCP> on ixp1


and when i try to view my ip address on for example it still show the ip address of WAN1 that is supposed to be down.


am i missing something

Please help



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Re: RV042 Load Balance problem

1. Please confirm the settings of your WAN1 and WAN2? DSL or Cable? DHCP, STATIC or PPPoE?

2. ISP for both WAN1 and WAN2 came from different or same provider?

3. What is the hardware and firmware version of yor router?
4. Have you tried resetting your router / re-configure?

5. Did you update the firmware of the router?

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Re: RV042 Load Balance problem

Hello ,

1. WAN1 ADSL 4 MB connected to ZYXEL router , WAN2 XDSL 1MB Connected to  Paradyne modem,both using static IP's.

2.Different providers.

3.Serial Number :    AHY28J802913  Firmware version : (Feb 13 2009 13:03:21)  




Working mode Gateway.


when WAN2 goes down all traffic goes to WAN1 , but when WAN1 goes down it does not.


Thanks & Best Regards

Ahmed Zayed