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New to VPN, lots of questions any answers would be great.
I have an RV042 firmware
QuickVPN Client on a laptop with WinXP Pro
A Win2003 server behind the RV042. I can connect to the internet with the RV042 (cable modem)
Does anyone have screen shots of their settings for Group VPN settings or a detailed explanation of how to set up VPN to allow the QuickVPN client to connect to the RV042. I have spoken with Linksys tech support but i have not been able to connect. Do I need to have port forwarding on? Linksys said yes.
The client asks for a server address is this the Router's address?
What is a good IP address to change the router to from the default
I want to use the Client to reduce the amount of hardware needed so that 5 consultants working from home can connect to the server and transfer files. If it is better to get an additional RV042 for each consultant we can do that.
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Re: RV042 VPN

hi..i have got a good link to help you with setting up the quick vpn with here and follow the steps given in the article.....
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Re: RV042 VPN

QuickVPN does not use Group VPN settings. it uses the VPN Client Access page. setup username and pwd and active. then add to list and save settings. now goto firewall page and enable HTTPS. you then install quickvpn on your laptop and when your away connect to your router/lan by using QVPN and use either your external IP address of if you have DDNS setup then use your DDNS name.
Regards Simon

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