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RVS4000 - DHCP DNS Suffix

I've setup 4 VLANs on my Cisco RVS4000 (Firmware and each VLAN has a DHCP range setup.


However, I can't see anywhere to enter the DNS Suffix for the DHCP range. I presumed that it picked it up from the WAN DNS Suffix. It does do this, but on VLAN 1 only.


VLAN's 3-4 don't pick up the DNS suffix, and when I do an IPCONFIG on a PC, the DNS Suffix is blank.


Any ideas?

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Re: RVS4000 - DHCP DNS Suffix

I believe only on default VLAN which is vlan 1 on linksys devices can pick up DNS.

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Re: RVS4000 - DHCP DNS Suffix


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