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RVS4000 - Setting up vpn?

I bought myself a RVS4000 router with vpn capabilities. I have setup everything right (I thought) and I installed the linksys vpn client software on a machine elsewhere on the internet. Connecting to the router goes fine, but once connected I seem not to have an ip address of the local network behind the router. The dhcp server is a different server in the network, so dhcp within the router is relayed to that server. What am I doing wrong?
Other question: Am I required to use the linksys vpn client software or can I somehow also use the windows vpn client?
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Re: RVS4000 - Setting up vpn?

I believe that it's normal for the Linksys not to show the IP address coming from the VPN router. Actually I have the same scenario.
You can only use the Linksys QVPN software for this router.