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Router 'Cache'?

Having an issue getting on to my bank website, obviously a secure website.  Have gone through the ringer with every possible scenario and setting five times.  On one occasion, a tech support person said something about the router sometimes having it's own 'cache' type copy of a website?  Wondering if anyone knows about this, if it's possible/true, and how to fix?
Desperate for answers.
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Re: Router 'Cache'?

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The router has no cache of webpages from Internet sites.  The router's only web pages are the "settings" pages, stored in the firmware.  If you want to reset the router, simply unplug power for one minute, then plug it back in.  This will force the router to reboot, reconnect, and reset itself.
Windows does not store webpages, but it does store cookies and temporary internet files.  Sometimes it helps to clear these files.
In Windows XP, in Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > on the "General" tab, in Browsing History, select "delete" > then either click on "delete all", or selectively delete the Cookies and the Temporary Internet Files --- and confirm choice by clicking on "yes" button.
Hope this helps.

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Re: Router 'Cache'?

There is a particular website that changed June 5. Every time I try accessing it from any device connected to my router, I get the old page. If I use my mobile device on a different wifi network, I get the new page. No cache??