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Router RT41-BU Upgrades?

I recently tried to upgrade my router;  Wired Broadband RT41-BU and I can download the file but it won't run because it is a .bin file.  How can I open it so that I can actually upgrade the router?
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Re: Router RT41-BU Upgrades?

actualy, you dont need to run the .bin file on your computer because it will not be recognized by your PC. you need to access the settings page of the router go to the help menu- you will find a firmware uprade option there - it will ask you to brows for the file - brows for the bin file and upgrade -- By that way, your router will load up the firmware.
i have checked the download site of linksys and it shows that they dont have available software for the model that you have - so just make sure that you are using the right firmware.
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