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U-verse and home network

I am swapping my AT&T DSL and Comcast cable for U-verse. In the basement, I have a Netopia DSL modem connected to a Linksys BEFRS81 v. 3 ethernet Cable/DSL router/8-port switch. Cat 5 cables are attached to the router, then run throughout the house so we are "networked" to the DSL modem and use a patch cord from laptop or desktop into the wall to get to the Internet.
Will we still be able to use this setup with U-verse?
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Re: U-verse and home network


You connection as set up with an existing DSL or a Cable provider will continue to work in a same manner with AT&T U-verse as well, as they provides you with Motorola Modem **bleep** Router, which provides you with a Private IP address on the computer if directly connected....


AT&T U-verse connection works just great with either of Linksys products and with your network set up as you have in your place, will continue to work as its been working till now.....