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VPN Router and Time Warner (Road Runner) cable

Hi - I have 2 BEFVP42 VPN Routers
At Home - I have TWC(Time Warner) cable with Dynamic IP
At work I had DSL with Static IP.
I was able to connect without any problems.
Problems STARTED when I change the Office service to TWC Cable with Static IP.
I was able to get the service up and running BUT I can not connect the VPN.
All I did was changed the IP from the DSL provider to IP from TWC cable.
TEch support did entered the MAC address from my Linksys router at work to the TWC Modem.
I still can not connect the VPN service.
The BIGGEST problem is now I have problems with internet connection at work. It would work and will disconnect for a few minutes then work again and disconnect for 10-15 minutes. This has been going on for 2 days.
It is NOT my NETWORK. If I plug the DSL modem back and everything is fine.
I am wonder if there are known issues with Linksys and TWC (Road Runner ) Cable modem.
by the way - residential service I can change ALL setting in the modem
The one at work - Business Class. MOST if not ALL setting are controlled by the provider. You have to request them to do such things as Disable the DHCP service etc.
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Re: VPN Router and Time Warner (Road Runner) cable

As you are able to connect fine with your DSL connection to VPN
and internet from your office and not with the cable modem, so
first try to by-pass the router and check the internet connection
through the modem, if you are getting a constant connection, if no then
contact your ISP, if yes try to reduce MTU on the linksys router
to 1300 and then check the connection.
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Re: VPN Router and Time Warner (Road Runner) cable

Yes - The connection is there. problem is it is dropping all the time.
I iwll try to set the MTU to 1300
Have tried with 5 different routers..same problem