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VPN for dummies QuickVPN RV042


I am hoping you can help me. 

I am trying to set up a VPN for my home computer.  Basically I need to be able to remote login from outside the US using a US ip address. (I travel alot for work).


The problem is: Many times I am using a connection that is a dynamic ip address.

I am having difficulty connecting to the VPN tunnel I created. 


How do I use the domain authentication that is listed for dynamic ip addresses?  Or the email address?

Also, I setup the pptp server because I read somewhere that was the only way to use the ip address of my server. 


I apologize in advance for my limited background. I was able to connect to the router using quick VPN, but all it showed me was that I was logged in, but there was no activity in my tunnel. 


Thank you SOOOO much in advance! 

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Re: VPN for dummies QuickVPN RV042

These products are being handled by the Cisco Small Business Support Community.

The Search Function is your friend.... and Google too.

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