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router suddenly stopped working

I've had my 3 computers connected via wired router for years. Last week, the internet suddenly stopped working. When I bypassed the router, and plugged the cable modem directly into one of my computers the internet worked fine (on that computer). When I tried to reconnect the router, the router setup said the router couldn't be connected. I know it is getting a signal b/c the internet light is on.
So I went out and bought another router. Setup went fine. All 3 computers had internet for about a day and a half and I thought the problem was solved. When I woke up this morning, I'm having the same problem as before. What is wrong with my computer that is suddenly stopping the router from working? Thx for help
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Re: router suddenly stopped working

glad i'm not the only one who has this issue. i was actually happy that i finally have wireless connection at my house, but then after a couple of weeks, the wireless just stop working. it stop working since Monday (7/31), it acted up on Saturday but it went back the next day. But now I can't totally use it. it says that i am connected, but the signal is very low. the router is in my room and my laptop is also there so obviously the distance to get a signal is not the problem. please help... i need this router to be up and running again :smileysad:

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Re: router suddenly stopped working

try resseting the router and reconfigure it., if the same thing happens upgrade the firmware of your router ( then reset it and reconfigure
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Re: router suddenly stopped working

Try this.   It is working for me, but I do not know what is causing it.
Open settings page, usually  Once page is open, do not make any changes, but click on save settings at the bottom.  My internet connection comes back immediately.
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Re: router suddenly stopped working

WOW. THANK YOU! After an hour of waiting on hold for Timewarner cable and a day without wireless you had the solution, and so simple! Why are we still having these problems today? I know these are very technical systems but come on, I had this problem 10 years ago.

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Re: router suddenly stopped working

You need to reset your router once and again create new username and new setting.


Try this,

Hope, it works.