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AE 3000 - Wireless Manager Did Not Install? HELP!

Recently upgraded home router to Linksys EA3500 and a AE3000 Adapter for my laptop. Laptop is Dell Inspiron 1705 (yeah, it's old) running XP SP3.


Apparently the adapter's drivers installed properly from the supplied CD as it negotiates and connects with the new router. However, there is NO Linksys Wireless Manager. It appears it was not installed at all. I can find no folder in Program Files named either Cisco or Linksys nor anything new in the Programs list. 


Is there a Linksys Wireless Manager included on the CD that should have installed?


Can I download it separately and install?


I've disabled the built-in Dell wi-fi radio with came with an Intel ProSet wireless manager. Would REALLY like to have a new wireless manager that works well with the new adapter. Am going on vacation tomorrow and will have to deal with new and different access points, hotels, etc.





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Re: AE 3000 - Wireless Manager Did Not Install? HELP!

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Hi kenh99!


With the newer linksys adapters, they don't have wireless managers anymore as they utilize the Wireless Zero Configuration that is built in on  windows based computers. If you are travelling and wants to connect to other access points, you just have to use the windows wireless utility. You can refer to this link on how to connect your computer to an access point: