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Adapter keeps resetting itself

My wireless network adapter always has maximum bars as far a signal strength is concerned.  It connects to the internet just fine, but it resets itself every fifteen minutes to half hour.  This is fine when I'm not downloading anything or playing games.  Longer YouTube videos will be interrupted halfway through and stop if I happen to be streaming them when the adapter decides to reset itself.  I can't play any online games because it will drop me after thrity minutes at most.  When I return to the desktop, the little yellow ball is going back and forth and then I am connected again.  The signal strength never dropped below "Excellent."  A friend of mine said that this might be a setting that can be changed, but I can't figure out where it is.
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Re: Adapter keeps resetting itself

Kindly state the model number of your wireless adapter ?

Kindly state the model number of your wireless router ?

Do you face any similar issues on any other wireless computer/laptop ?