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Can't Detect WMP54G

I just bought this wireless g pci card and installed the software from the cd on to a windows 2000 pc.  When I went to run the software I can only click on the exit button.  I looked on the forums and saw that for win 2000 you should only install the drivers by allowing your computer to detect the card.  I uninstalled the software but my computer wont detect the card now and if I reinstall the software I cant even open it up anymore.  The card is not listed in the device manager at all.  Would installing i the first time have created anything in the registry that would  have been left behind in the uninstall and would it be blocking the computer from detecting this as new hardware?
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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

I think the adapter is not connected in the PCI solt properly that's the reason you are unable to locate the Linksys Adapter in the Device Manager.


So Unplug the adapter from your computer and replug it back it to the different PCI solt and then check. 

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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

hello i have a wmp54g and was working well on windows vista now i have switch to windows 7 64 bit and now it wont reconized it and i cant find any driver to settle this anyone have a solution....
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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

i have the same problem....can anybody help us solve this?????
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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

Dear Linksys Support,


Could you kindly and urgently provide us a driver for Windows 7 x64 for your WMP54G (Wireless PCI-Adapter).

Indeed we need to deploy about 1000 desktops in several sites including Geneva Airport.


Frederic Merland

IT Infrastructure Manager

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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

So, I have Windows 7 (64 bit) and I installed the WMP54G (v4.1) card first and then installed the driver software from here:


See the "Where's my model number" and ? button (Next to the "Select Hardware Version" drop-down) for more information on your card identity and version.


Windows 7 couldn't see the card as a network adapter, but did recognise that something was in the slot.

It appeared as "Other" in the Device Manager (opened from the Control Panel on the Start Menu).


To resolve this I did the following:

  1. Uninstalled the driver software
  2. Shut down the machine
  3. Removed the wireless card
  4. Rebooted the machine
  5. Installed the driver software and followed it's suggestion to shut the machine down - it does this automatically, with your agreement
  6. Installed the wireless card
  7. Started the machine
  8. Opened "Network and Sharing Center" in the Control Panel and configured the wireless card, which was now also visible in the Device Manager

I hope that it works for you so sweetly!


All the best,




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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

I'm having a similar problem with Windows XP 64bit. When I seach for new devices, the computer recognizes that there is a 'network adapter' installed, but its icon is a question mark, and when I try to configure it, I recieve an 'Error 28', with text that tells me that drivers have not been installed.


I've followed the instructions for the installation and have uninstalled the card twice now, trying a different PCI slot the second time.


Does anyone know where I can get good 64bit drivers for my WMP54G?

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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

[ Edited ]

This all seems like just a way to get us to go buy new PCI Adapters! 


I've spent 8 hours on line with HP techs uninstalling network adapters etc..... all to end up with it being a Linksys problem from the start!!!


 Had anyone found a fix to this problem?



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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

I just moved my WMP54G adapter from my XP machine to a new Win 7 Home Premium machine and it works fine.


If you tried to install it already, turn off the machine and remove the adapter. Reboot and remove the Linksys program via "Add/remove Programs", reboot, start the Installation CD BEFORE you insert the card.


Run the installation cd first. When it asks you to shut down and install the card, do so. Do NOT remove the cd even though it says to "Remove any cds from the machine and shut down" just leave the CD in. 

Shut down, instal the adapter, reboot. It may take several seconds after the wizard starts before it installs the software but it will. When the wizard says it can't find a driver, hit back, choose browse for driver, point to the CD drive and hit OK, it will find the driver and install it.


My ver 4.1 WMP54G is working fine on the Win 7 Home Premium OS as a wireless server machine - AMD Duron 3.1 Gh, 4 GB ram, 1 TB HDD ... and I built it.

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Re: Can't Detect WMP54G

any ppl solve linksys wireless-G adapter PCI on window 7 utlimate 64bit?