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Can't connect to WET54GS5

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Hello, I am in search of some direction.


I have a WET54GS5 that I can't setup:


I am running Vista and have the bridge connected to a WRTP54G wireless router...I have also turned with Windows firewall OFF.  My network has been setup properly and all other components work fine.


I have tried the setup CD, but get the "The Setup Utility was unable to locate a Wireless G Ethernet bridge..." message.


I have also held the reset button for 30+ seconds and tried to log into the bridge directly using the IP addy (


...and all for not.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Can't connect to WET54GS5

Try resetting the WET54GS Bridge for 30 secs & then do a complete network power cycle & it should work properly.
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Re: Can't connect to WET54GS5

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connect directly to the device and your computer,,, than go into the adapter settings of the computer and manually set IP to and also click the subnet mask box and it should automatically fill that in for you. Thats it dont enter anymore data just apply that. you will have no network function or internet function while in this mode but you should be able to slap up the

WET54GS5 by going to explorer and looking up,,, once you finish makeing adjustments to your likeing be sure to reset your computer adapter to auto mode again.

also look here more detailed info

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Re: Can't connect to WET54GS5

^to add to this, use a unique SSID for the wireless network. or if you already have wireless settings on your wireless router, just make sure you have the SAME settings on the bridge. a power cycle on the router and the adapter may be needed after putting the configuration.

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Re: Can't connect to WET54GS5

I also have a WET54GS switch and have not been able to connect to it wirlessly.. If I connect this switch to my wireless router (cisco e2000) and then connect a laptop to the switch with an ethernet cable I get access to the internet... but I am trying to have access to the internet wirelessly using the switch... Basically Im trying to extend my wifi to computers that are far away from the E2000 router.


I've been reading the intructions on how to do this and in one section it says to connect the wet54gs to the ethernet port of the computer and in onother place it says to connect the wet54gs to one of the ethernet ports of the Im confused...which is it?


Also, my router uses WPA2 as the security settings.. this wet54gs only has WEP and WPA... do I need to change the settings on the wireless router to WPA or will it work with WPA2... according to the instructions it says that if the router is not using WEP to turn off the security settings on the wet54gs..does this mean that even though the security if off it will still be secured because of the settings on the wireless router (e2000)?

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Re: Can't connect to WET54GS5

in the instructions if it says, connect the bridge to the router, that is only so that you can set it up. after setup you can connect it to the computer so that it can connect wireless.


i think the WET54GS5 only have WPA in its wireless security so you need to change your router to WPA. the security in your network is dictated by the settings in the router. if the router has security enabled, that means you need to enable the security in all your wireless devices to connect to the router. you cannot have the security in the bridge set to off and expect it to connect to the router wireless or expect that your network is secured.