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Change channel of wireless adaptor?

Hi all,


I've been having connectivity issues with my wireless adaptor recently. I currently have my router set to channel 11, but I know that the neighbors around me also have theirs set to 11. I know how to change the channel on my router, but when I do that my wireless adaptor does not recognize any signals.


Is there a way to change the channel that the adaptor is looking for? I checked the adaptor properties but there is no setting for a channel. I have the WUSB54GC ver3 and I'm running windows 7 RTM.



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Re: Change channel of wireless adaptor?

To change the Wireless Settings on your Router, you need to Hardwired your computer to the Router and then change the Channel on your Router. If you change any settings on your Router wirelessly (SSID, Channel, or Security) these will disconnect you from your Wireless Network and most of the time the settings are not saved on your Router.


So it is recommended to change any settings on your Router from your Hardwired computer.