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Connecting to Linksys router with Dell Network card

I have all about given up trying to work with my WPC11 to get it to work on my laptop.  I have had the same problem as others about uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers.  Now, I found that I have a Dell 10Base-T/10Base-2 card that was included with the laptop when I bought it used.  I would like to use it instead of the stupid WPC11.  Does anyone know if and how I can do that?  The dreivers are already installed.  When I install the card and check the device manager, it says that the card is working.
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Re: Connecting to Linksys router with Dell Network card

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Your 10 Base-T card should have an RJ-45 (ethernet) port attached directly to the 10 Base-T card, or the 10 Base-T card should be connected by wires through your laptop to an RJ-45 port on your laptop.  The RJ-45 port is similar to a modem port, except that an RJ-45 port is larger and has 8 wires.  A modem (RJ-11) port is smaller and usually has 2 or 4 wires.
To use your ethernet port, use an ethernet cable to connnect it directly to your modem, or preferably connect it directly to your Linksys router and connect your Linksys router to the modem.  The latter allows sharing of your Internet connection, and the router gives you more protection from hackers.
Your ethernet cable should be either "cat 5" or "cat 5e" cable.
You will also need a high speed broadband ISP and a high speed modem with an ethernet port on it (not just a USB port).

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