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Difficulty installing WUSB54GC on Windows Vista

I am having difficulty installing the WUSB54GC on a two year old Dell desktop machine running Windows Vista.  I initially ran the setup disk that came with the product, but the installation failed with an RPC error.  After that I fired up my laptop and browsed to the Linksys site and read-up on the installation for the WUSB54GC on Windows Vista and downloaded the updated drivers.
As per the instructions, I removed the device from the PC using device manager, but upon rebooting the PC it finds the device again and attempts to load the drivers, when I point to the place where I have downloaded the updated Windows Vista drivers, the driver installation program, does not find a driver to install.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
- Todd
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Re: Difficulty installing WUSB54GC on Windows Vista

hi...   Smiley Happy
that is why yOu could not install the adapter on the computer because yOu have not yet uninstalled the software of the adapter under "add remove programs"..
usually yOu need to uninstall the software first before the driver under device manager because it usually uninstall the drivers as well....