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Installing WUSB54GCv3 Drivers on Win7(x64)

Hello All,


I wondering if anyone can help me install the drivers for my adapter. The box says its Vista-64bit compatible so I was hoping that it would work with Windows 7 x64 RTM.


Has anyone had any luck installing this? I run the install wizard, it gets past copying the files, but after I insert the adaptor it sits there few a few minutes and then says that my installation was incomplete. 


If not I suppose I'll be returning this or switching back to x86.

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Re: Installing WUSB54GCv3 Drivers on Win7(x64)

There is no Linksys driver for WUSB54GC which is compatible with Windows7(x64).However you can Download the ralink driver USB(RT2500USB) which make it compatible with Windows7...Checkthis link .


Make sure you are downloading the right driver..If you will download the wrong driver then, your system may crash.