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Linksys Wireless USB Adapter N600

I cant get it to connect to internet, it keeps giving me an error message. I have windows 7 and Linksys WiFi Router E2500. Please help!

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Re: Linksys Wireless USB Adapter N600

What is the error message you're getting when your try to get online using your Linksys N600 (AE2500?) USB adapter? It could be that the device is not even connected to the wireless network. If you have successfully installed the device, you will then have to connect to the network. If the setup wizard does not prompt you to connect to the network, go to Network and Sharing Center on your Windows 7 computer and "Connect to a network". Select your network from a list of available networks and type in your security key (if applicable). When the device is successfully connected to the network then internet should be up & running!!!