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I have a situation that I am hoping someone can hellp me out with. Unfortunately I have no record of a chat session that I had where I was told that a linksys WDT11 would work with a WPC54G adaptor card. The situation is that I had two of the WDT11 Adaptors that I picked up without realizing that it was only an adaptor card.
When I chated with a tech I was told that it would work with a new WPC54G adaptor.  I bought two new WPC54G adaptor cards. After trying several days and asking many questions I finally was told that It world not work. 16 bit PCI adaptor vice 32 bit cards. Does anyone make an up to date 32 bit adaptor card that will work with my new WPC54G adaptors? I can not find anything on the linksys site. I would hate to think that I wasted my money trying to make my two desktops work with a laptop card.  Thanks
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Hi… With WDT11 you can only use WPC11 and not WPC 54G.