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(Possible FIX) WUSB600N causes random CPU lag

Hi guys, thought I'd sign up just to post my experience with a Linksys WUSB600N ver.2 adapter.

The link to where I found the solution is >>> here.


Just a quick description of my problem (in case the link doesn't work).

I recently installed the WUSB600N ver.2 on my Windows 7 Pro 64bit computer using the 

steps outlined by PteJack (which hopefully most of you have checked) so I got it installed and running without any hitches. After a while I noticed the CPU usage would spike up towards 80-100% for 3-10 sec every few minutes, which would make the computer sluggish especially during gaming. This was when I tried reinstalling the firmware, changing USB cables ( eg not using the cable/stand supplied with the adapter), switching USB slots etc. All those attempts never fixed the sudden CPU spikes.


Eventually I found the link above, here it is again: ).

This pointed towards the "Lmhosts" service causing the issue. So in the resources monitor (which you can find in windows task manager --> performance tab)  and under services I stopped the "Lmhosts" service and so far in the last few hours and after a few reboots and tests everything's been fine. If you need to know what "Lmhosts" does then type into windows 7 search "services" press enter then look for "TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper.


A good indication that this may be happening to you is to:


1). Open up windows task manager and click on the "Processes" tab

2). Click on CPU column so that it is in descending order.

3). Click on show all processes check box down the bottom

3). Wait for the CPU usage to spike up and slow down your computer and if the process  that shows up is "System (Description: NT Kernel System) with about 50%+ usage then it is likely you may have the same problem as I did or maybe  it's just a one off in my case LOL 


Hopefully this'll help anyone else with similar problems.