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Unable to connect with WUSB600N Adapter, Shows my Network, But wont take my Password, Help Needed!

Before I start, I have called Linksys who is the manufacture of my adapter and for me to get a walk through I have to pay 30 dollars for one session. So im asking you people on what should I do?

My Router is a N Router. My Modem is brand new. My Linksys Adapter is N Ultra range Plus (Model: WUSB600N). It worked fine before when the computer was Windows Vista before I changed it to Windows 7 with a cd.It will show my network but it wont take my password. Sometimes it will take my password, then promp another screen saying it needs aditional information. It asks for a username and password. Also tried another way, it said if I push the button on the front of my router it will detect settings, it did do that but it saying my settings arent the same as my router. I have checked several times and they the same to me.

Also I have called Linksys as you read above and im not paying 30 bucks. That will be my last resort. I have checked to see if my router was the problem and it works fine. I checked if my modem was the problem and its not. Im wondering if the Adapter doesnt support windows 7 or if the adapter is not working properly. I also reinstalled the adapter also (several times).

Can anyone help? Im thinking of seeking professional help or buying a new one.

Also anyone know of a Linksys adapter compatible with windows 7?
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Re: Unable to connect with WUSB600N Adapter, Shows my Network, But wont take my Password, Help Neede

WUSB600N works with Windows 7. Now when you are trying to connect to your wireless network, its prompting you for additional login information, well in these case you need to add the wireless network profile on your computer Manually.


On your Computer click on Start - Control Panel - Network and Internet Connection - then click on "Network and Sharing Center" -  Now in these window you need to click on "Manage Wireless Networks" and remove your all the Preferred Network Listed in this window. Now click on the Add button and then select the Option "Manually create a Network Profile" and in the Wireless Network Name (SSID) input your Wireless Network Name and below select the Security Mode to WEP and in the "Security Key or Passpharase" type in your Security Key and click on Connect. 


Once connected to your Wireless Network check if you are able to go online from your computer wirelessly.