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WEP Password with Ubuntu Linux...

I've set up my laptop to dual boot Vista Home Premium 32-bit/Ubuntu Linux (Feisty Fawn). I'm trying to configure my wireless on the Ubuntu System, and it gives me several WEP choices to choose and then type a password...
The problem is: I think Ubuntu is wanting a pass phrase because it's only allowing 15 to 16 characters in the password field. My normal password with which I connect from Windows is like a 26 character password. And I remember when I set up my Linksys, the Linksys Tech Rep gave me a one-time passphrase which I have never had to use since. (If this is what I'm thinking about, it was a shorter phrase and I never wrote it down). I always use my 26 character password to connect to the network.
None of the WEP choices (and I know that's my encryption mode) in Ubuntu allow more than 15 to 16 characters. Does this mean that Ubuntu is incompatible with this Linksys wireless network?
I appreciate any assistance,...Thanks,  Frank
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Re: WEP Password with Ubuntu Linux...

if this the case , go to the router's ui and note down the passphrase for the WEP encryption...try this out and check whether this helps the Ubuntu System to connect to the wireless network