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WET11 give me error 404 on

Hello!, my Linksys Ethernet bridge WET11 V1.0, where working perfect, but when i reset the device, and try lo login whit user admin and password admin, my browser show error 404, this happ whit crome, mozilla, an I Explorer, i download the Setup wizard, and the error message is "the setup wizard was unable to locate a wirless ethernet bridge on the network......"


when i connect the cable to de device, the lan led is on, and the ping command give me reply.


another port to configure, such as telnet?


Thank you

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Re: WET11 give me error 404 on

Reset the bridge again and cycle the power. If it is not going to work, then try accesing the setup page of the bridge using another computer. You should be able to access it since you are getting replies.


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