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WMP110 Windows 7 64bit Driver

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Linksys has not yet released any Windows 7 drivers thus far for the WMP110 Wireless Adapter. My initial experience with the WMP110 wireless adapter has been extremely poor. The only assistance from Linksys Technical Support was to “check the linksys support website frequently as there is no information available on release dates for Windows 7 drivers”. The Linksys forums are flooded wtih people looking for Windows 7 support.


After searching for a work-around solution I finally arrived at a post in the official Linksys support forums: “Hi, it’s Shujinko again from post #10.  I got the Version 1.0 of this product to work with Vista x64. I saw a few posts in other threads about folks using the Atheros AR5008 chipset driver instead of the Linksys one.  Long story short, after finally finding the correct version of that driver, it worked!  The driver you are looking for is the Atheros driver.  I find mine here…”  

So a huge thanks goes out to Shujinko, as it turns out a current solution to getting the WMP110 functioning properly is to install the Atheros AR5008 Vista x64 driver manually. Below are the steps below to getting the WMP110 wireless adapter to work on Windows 7 64bit:


How to Install  WMP110 (version 1.0) on Windows 7 64-bit:

 Important Note: Do not use the Linksys WMP110 Installation CD . If you already have installed the software and/or driver from the CD, remove the software and uninstall the adapter in the device manager.

Step 1: Download  atheros_vista_x64_7.6.1.204.rar (314.66K) and extract files.
Step 2: Insert WMP110 Wireless Adapter into PCI slot and start up your pc. Windows 7 will detect card and automatically install a driver if available.
*If your computer hangs/freezes after windows automatically installs a driver, reboot machine and enter safe mode (without networking). To enter safe mode press F8 while during Windows 7 boot. Follow same steps below in safe mode*

Step 3: Open device manager. Click start -> Run -> mmc devmgmt.msc -> Hit Enter
Step 4: Locate the WMP110 wireless adapter in the device manager. 
Click Network Adapters -> Right click Linksys WMP110 Wireless Adapter -> Click Update Driver Software
*It may also be under Other devices -> Right click PCI Device(!) (with an exclamation/yellow icon) -> Click Update Driver Software* 
Step 5:
Choose “Browse My Computer for Driver Software.”
Step 6: Choose “Let Me Pick From a List of Device Drivers on My Computer”
Step 7: Click Have Disk button
Step 8: Click Browse and locate the folder where you extracted the Atheros Vista x64 driver and click the OK button.
Step 9: Scroll through the list of devices in box on the right hand side and select”Atheros AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter” and click the Next button.
Step 10: On the compatibility warning pop-up click OK, to install device driver anyways.
Step 11: Congrats on a succesful install, your network card should now function properly. Don’t worry the Linksys WMP110 will be identified as an Atheros AR5008 Wireless Network Adapter by Windows 7. Use this driver until Linksys releases an official Windows 7 driver for the WMP110.

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Re: WMP110 Windows 7 64bit Driver

That's Great that your issue has been resolved now and It's a Great way to resolve the issue..EnjoySmiley Happy
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Re: WMP110 Windows 7 64bit Driver

I am very dissapointed with Linksys. Still to this day there is no official support for a WMP110 Windows Vista/Windows 7 64bit driver. The official Windows Vista 64bit driver released from Linksys still has the issues causing the computer to freeze and lock up the operating system completely. I have always purchased Linksys products for everything network hardware related, however, this will be the last Linksys product I purchase due to a complete lack of support.


After over 1300 views I hope my original post was useful to people looking for 64bit support for the WMP110.

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Re: WMP110 Windows 7 64bit Driver

I applied your fix and a message regarding code 35 and a BIOS problem occurred.  I have updated BIOS (ASUS P6T SE motherboard).


If you have any suggestions I would be happy to give them a try.

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Re: WMP110 Windows 7 64bit Driver

This Vista x64 made it work but made my computer crash all the time. It won't run for more then a day and it will lock out and the only way out of it is hard restart which loose all unsave work.


I am quite surprise Linksys did not release a Win 7 driver for this NIC. Most of their other NIC has it.

I bought this NIC for a new build as I got it at a good price and I thought, Linksys Wireless N, what do I need more without researching that this does not work with Win 7.


Linksys has drove me nuts, I first though it was my other hardware issue as this was for a new build but it turns out to be NIC.

Intel DP55WG, i7-860, ATI HD 5450, G.SKILL Ripjaw DDR3-1600, WD 1TB Black 7200rpm, Antec Earthwatt 500W, Samsung DVD-RW. I tested all those and they were fine. I guess I should have went the other way.

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Re: WMP110 Windows 7 64bit Driver

When I install the driver suggested..  I get device will not start....



any suggestions?