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WMP300N on Windows XP > Wireless Adapter Not Being Detected?

Hey folks,


I've got a WMP300N wireless adapter. I was previously running Ubuntu, but I lost connectivity. I tried everything and then ended up formatting the PC.


I then tried installing Windows XP and saw that my network card is not being detected.


I downloaded the driver(s) directly from this site, however when I install it I get the following error message :


A service installation section in this INF is invalid.


I've Googled this error code but can't seem to find a fix. Can anybody please help me?

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Re: WMP300N on Windows XP > Wireless Adapter Not Being Detected?

You have already downloaded the drivers form the Internet. Save it on desktop. Unzip the drivers file.

Plug in the wireless adapter to the computer. Restart the computer. You will get the Found new hardware message. It will open the Found new hardware wizard.

Select the option ' No, not this time' and click next. On the next window select the option ' select from the specific...' and go next. On the next window check the box ' include this location' and you will see the Browse button. Browse the drivers folder that you have unzipped and try to install the drivers.

See if that helps you.

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Re: WMP300N on Windows XP > Wireless Adapter Not Being Detected?

I get the same error message. I did unzip the download file (I downloaded it twice and unzipped it twice) and I point the install to the place I unzipped it to, but I still keep getting this error. A service installation sectionin this INF is invalid.
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Re: WMP300N on Windows XP > Wireless Adapter Not Being Detecte

Same for me.  I think this file is corrupt or not the correct file for XP

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Re: WMP300N on Windows XP > Wireless Adapter Not Being Detecte

You could try installing the adapter into another PCI slot if there's an extra.

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Re: WMP300N on Windows XP > Wireless Adapter Not Being Detecte

Just hoping in to say I too am seeing this issue.  The current WMP300N driver will not instal in XP

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Re: WMP300N on Windows XP > Wireless Adapter Not Being Detected?

I think the problem is easily corrected if you copy the bcmwl5.sys file into /Windows/System32/Drivers before updating the driver. The new bcmwl6.inf file has a reference to ServiceBinary that references %12%\bcmwl5.sys and unless that file is in the Drivers folder you get this error. This is a mistake I think in the install procedure "inf" file - if it needs this file it should have copied it there. There is a copy in the /Windows/System32 folder but because of the %12% reference it expects it to be in the Drivers folder. I'm not sure where that file came from - perhaps it's part of XP itself or ???


Anyway, the following worked for me - hope it does for others ...


I found the clue to this solution from a post at by tushar43 who talked about a similar problem that was generating the "service installation section in this INF is invalid" message.


So to summarize here is what I have done to get things to work on my Windows XP system:


1. Install the Linksys software under XP from CD with wireless card (didn't put card in yet)

2. Shut down computer and install card

3. startup computer and login and configure card and get it working and download the updated driver files from Linksys/Cisco and save them in their own directory

4. Start up "System" control panel and then click on Hardware tab and then click on "Device Manager"

5. Then right-click on the Linksys wireless card and then click on the "Properties" item

6. Then click on the "Driver" tab of this Properties window and notice the driver date and version (mine said 7/18/2007 and for date and for version)

7. Then click on "Update Driver" button

8. Select the "No, not this time" when the Hardware Update wizard asks if it can connect to Windows Update to search and then click on the Next button

9. Click on the "Install from a list or specific location (Advanced)" and then click on Next button

10. Click on the "Don't search. I will choose the driver to install" option and then click on Next button

11. Select the newer driver dated 1/21/2010 and version

12. I clicked on "Continue Anyway" when Windows complains about the driver not passing Windows Logo testing (you have to decide this on your own)

13. Windows starts copying files and then gets the dreaded "A service installation section in this INF is invalid" error

14. So click on Finish and manually copy the bcmwl5.sys file to the \Windows\System32\drivers directory (I copied the one from the \Windows\System32 directory)

15. Go back to step 4 and repeat - at step 10 I got a list of hardware types so clicked on "Network adapters" and then Next and then clicked on the newer Linksys driver like step 11.

16. Rebooted computer to make sure everything started up OK from scratch and then logged back in and ran the Linksys configuration utility to see the status and statistics

16. AND VIOLA - good news and bad news - the good news is that networking is working with the new drivers but the bad news is that the Linksys Monitor program doesn't seem to be able to talk to the wireless card. There is an icon in the Dock called "Linksys Monitor" that if you right click on it you get several choices, including "Open the Monitor" which used to be able to configure the card with all the network parameters (SSID, passwords, etc) and also "Use Windows XP Wireless Configuration". I am guessing that the card is really using the configuration paramters from the last time it was configured with the old driver. So as long as nothing has changed it appears to be working. I guess that if something does change the old driver will need to be installed and then configure the card with the Monitor program and then change the driver back to the new one.


I did some file transfers with the old and new drivers and didn't see much difference at all - both did about 600KBytes per sec which is pretty good for a 54Mbit/sec wireless connection. So after all this effort it comes down to why bother? Perhaps there are some bugs that the new driver fixes that I didn't run into with the old driver. Perhaps someone else could tell us what the new version of the Cisco/Linksys drivers really are?


At least we know why the error message pops up and how to get past that. 


Have fun ...