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WMP54G XP Device Mgr Properties Advanced

I have a WMP54G wireless adapter on this PC.


If you look at the properties of the adapter in XP Device Manager, there is an ADVANCED tab that has SEVENTEEN settings, starting with ADHOC Wireless Mode and ending with WMM Capable.


Some of the settings are basic, but there are some like B/G Protection, Frame Aggregation and WMM Capable, that I have not been able to find any documentation from Linksys/Cisco or Microsoft.


I have most of the settings still set at default, but I wonder if some need to be changed.


It would be great help to all, if Linksys/Cisco would include this info in the manual.





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Re: WMP54G XP Device Mgr Properties Advanced

You can refer to this link and i think it will answer to all your question.