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WMP54G v4.1 PCI 802.11g adapter -- Windows keeps intermittently forgetting it's installed??

Long story short, I've installed the drivers. I've installed the card. I've started the machine. The drivers were recognized. No signal, apparently. Under either the Linksys tray icon or Windows-managed Wireless. Rebooted. Tried opening the Linksys wireless mointor. It wouldn't open. Went into the hardware manager. No Wireless card listed. Just a yellow "unknown new hardware" icon where just after install the hardwarehad been detected and was at least showing up properly.


After reading some articles, I cracked the case and switched the Wireless card from its original slot (middle PCI slot on the daughter card off the Dell GX110's daughter card) to a different slot (top slot of the daughter card, swapped places with a modem).


Moved machine downstairs right next to the wireless router (A Verizon FiOS box with built-in wireless). Booted the machine. Modem was re-recognized. Wireless was re-recognized. Switched to Windows-managed wireless configuration and entered pertinent wireless network info. No joy. Switched back to Linksys wireless manager. Entered pertinent network info. It connected to the wireless but refused to get an outside internet connection.


Right-clicked the wireless icon in the task tray (this is Windows XP SP2, by the by, in case it matters). It disabled the card, re-enabled the card and re-requested a DHCP address. This time it got it and DID connect bothto the router and the internet. Switched over to the Window-based wireless managment. This time it also connected to the wireless network correctly with no fuss.


No clue why it worked this time but not before. Rather bizarre behavior, in my book.


Decided that since it was now connecting while positioned right next to the router, I'd try turning it off and moving it to the other side of the house, but still on the same floor of the house, see if it got a signal.


After turning it off, moving it and turning it back on, it once again "forgot" that a wireless card was installed when booting up and refused to open the Linksys wireless manager or re-enable the wireless connectino from the Network  Connections folder.


So, I turned the machine off, turned it back on again, walked away and came back. Now it seems to be connecting just fine again on this session, as you can see.


So, my question is why it seems to be intermittently forgetting that the card is installed...??


One reboot it works fine, the next reboot it acts like there's "new hardware" but refuses to install it. Next reboot it works fine. My roommate is getting aggravated, since it's his computer and I'm just being the tech guy setting it up on the network so I can workdownstairs and he can work upstairs.


So, any ideas from the Linksys tech guys? Has anyone run into this kind of problem before?


Again: Pentium III, Windows XP Pro w/SP2. Linksys PIC wireless adapter model: WMP54G v4.1, with current drivers downloaded from the web site.

Machine is a Dell OptiPlex GX110.


Since I'm online, I'm going to download SP3. Lord knows whether that'll help or hinder the issue...

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Re: WMP54G v4.1 PCI 802.11g adapter -- Windows keeps intermittently forgetting it's installed??

From what you have described it seems that your wireless adapter is slowly going bad...

To isolate the problem you should try to install the adapter on a different PC(do not install the linksys monitor, just install the drivers)...See if you can connect to your Wireless Network and Internet...If you encounter the same exact problem as you explained then you can consider that it is defective and you need to replace it...

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Re: WMP54G v4.1 PCI 802.11g adapter -- Windows keeps intermittently forgetting it's installed??

Well, I've rebooted a few times over the last few days and it seems to have started working more reliably. But it could just be randomly working. Time will tell whether or not it actually decides to behave now. & I did install XP SP3, but have no clue whether that's in any way contributing to the new stability or if it's all just being a bit random and will start misbehaving again.


Sometimes I think Windows just has a mind of its own, too. Code Gremlins or something. ;o]


If the problem recurs, I'll be back I guess. Smiley Happy