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WMP54GV2 driver - Where is it?



It's my first post, and i'm  not a regular at posting messages on any kind of forum, so if i've done something wrong or broken some protocol please forgive me.


I have a WMP54G wireless adaptor and i have lost the installation CD


The numbers on my card are as follows:



IC: 3839A-WMP54GV2


I'm assuming the 'V2' at the end of these numbers signifies that it is a version 2 card. On the driver download section on the Linksys website it asks you for the version # and gives you a choice of 4 versions.






Problem is, drivers are only available for versions 4.1 and 4.0. It says that drivers for V4.1 and V4.0 are not compatable with earlier cards.How do you go about getting a driver for a version 2 card? I have seen this question asked before on this forum, but i haven't seen any replies.


Thanks in advance



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Re: WMP54GV2 driver - Where is it?

Click Download , this will download the drivers for WMP54G v2. It drivers will be in .ZIP format, once you download the drivers you need to unzip and then install the drivers for the adapter on your computer.