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WMP600N New installation no wireless signals

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Recently installed a WMP600N into a new windows 7 machine using the latest drivers taken off this website. However it fails to find any wireless connections at all even though i know there a good few around me that should be easily in range. Also know the card is working correctly as i have taken it out of an old machine which were it was working fine. Anyone got any ideas about to make it find any networks?

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Re: WMP600N New installation no wireless signals

You could try:​h.aspx?q=wmp600n



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Re: WMP600N New installation no wireless signals

Make sure that the adapter is properly connected to the PCI slot. You may also power down the computer. Remove the adapter and reinsert it into the computer’s PCI slot. Power on the computer and test the connection. If it still doesn’t work, use a different slot on another computer. Unfortunately performing an update is not possible anymore since there’s no downloadable driver for this specific model.

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Re: WMP600N New installation no wireless signals

Ok update: As an interim measure used a USB wireless adapter and everything was working fine so obviously something dodgy card side. Card was plugged in correctly and works in a different machine, therefore could only be dodgy drivers. Unpluged the card from one PCI port and put it in another and then it works ... Forgot to install the drivers pre mounting the card in the machine Free kudos to Chadster for helpful responce even if i ignored it XD [Don't forget to uninstall the Linksys software! its bloatware, you only need the drivers.]