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WPC54GS searching....

I purchased a broadband router and a wireless-G notebook adapter with speedbooster model WPC54GS, and everything installed correctly on both of the computers. Then I got to the "creating a profile" part on my notebook and under "availible wireless networks" all there is is "searching..." I tried pushing the secure easy setup button on the front of my modem and it didn't work. Please help!!!!
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Re: WPC54GS searching....

What is the model no of your wireless router? Have you setup some SSID on this router? What is wireless security? On you laptop, go for manual setup and entire these settings to create a profile and go to device manager and check the device status for this adapter. If there is any problem, select update drivers and provide the path to ‘drivers’ folder on the CDROM’. Once it is installed properly you should be able to see and connect to your network. If your OS is windows XP, then you can disable this WLAN monitor software and use WZC to connect.

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Re: WPC54GS searching....

Same problem

Can you help please.


I have windows xp sp2. And a linksys router.

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Re: WPC54GS searching....

i installed the cd, but can't get the adapter to work.

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Re: WPC54GS searching....

My daughter got her computer from a friend and it had a Linksys wireless-G, 2.4GHz adapter w/speed booster card. She has been getting online with no problem till couple a days ago and now it say that the card is inactive. What could be her problem?