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WPC54GX Problems, Disconnecting

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Hey All,
I am wondering if I could get some help.  I have recently got a new wireless network card for my latop (WPC54GX) however I am having major problems with it.
It continually drops the connection on me, now it barely lasts 5 minutes before it goes down.  Also after it is running for a few minutes it starts to slow my computer down so badly, taking up the system resources, which is strange because although the computer isn't the newest computer out there it is still respectable.  Problems include, the mouse cursor not being able to keep up on screen etc..
I have the laptop in the same room as the router testing it, and as far as I can see here is no inference.  I have tried different channels also
I have driver which i believe is the most up-to-date? 
Any help would be much appreciated, if you need any other info let me know!
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Re: WPC54GX Problems, Disconnecting

I think you need to get other drivers and install that. Just visit and download the drivers for this card. Uninstall it, install the new drivers and connect to your wireless network. I think you should have better connectivity. If you are installing this on windows XP then install on drivers with out WLAN monitor.

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Re: WPC54GX Problems, Disconnecting

Thanks for the reply....I downloaded the drivers of the UK Linksys and the ones off are version so I am guessing I should just stick with the drivers that I have?

I removed the Linksys software, and just installed the drivers, using windows XP to connect, hopefully this will help.
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Re: WPC54GX Problems, Disconnecting

I am having this exact SAME problem!  I am so relieved to hear it is just not me.  So come on Linksys, do you have a real solution to this problem.  I have already tried uninstalling the drivers and installing the latest one from the website today.  Please help!
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Re: WPC54GX Problems, Disconnecting

Hi All,

I am also having this kind of problem with a WMP54G card in a home PC (these two products are probably related - hence why I am making my experiences known in this thread).


On XP the advice is to uninstall then let Windows only install the drivers (i.e. DON'T install the Linksys monitor) which certainly helps the situation.


It doesn't, in my experience, resolve it - I can boot the PC, transfer 600Mb of files without issue and then spend hours getting it to connect again reliably.


You can see my original post elsewhere in this forum.



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Re: WPC54GX Problems, Disconnecting

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I have had the same problem.

I solved it by totally ignoring Linksys drivers.

Ralink makes the chipset for the wpc54gx pci adapter.

Go to the Ralink site and download the appropriate driver, the RT2500. Uninstall Linksys driver. Install Ralink driver and then use Windows New Hardware installer or Windows Device Manager to install the wireless pci adapter card and Ralink Driver. I did this last week and it is working perfectly. I have had my card for 3 years and it has always given me problems until I did this. Now it is fixed.

Also I have a Linksys range expander which is useless. Hard to install, lots of conflicts on my system.


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